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Volume 14. Yuriy Shchur. OUN in Zaporizhya oblast. 1940–1945. Documents and materials

Compiler Yu. Shchur
Publication Year 2018
ISBN (Canada) 978-1-897431-73-3
ISBN (Ukraine) 978-966-2105-72-8
Pages Count 648
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

This book is a comprehensive study of the activities of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in Zaporizhya oblast in 1940-1945. The author sets out to define certain topical issues, including: researching the history of the first nationalist cells which were established on the eve of the German-Soviet war, analyzing activities of the OUN mobile units in creating a network, studying the basic activities of the OUN during the German occupation, describing the types and methods of the work of the nationalist underground at the close of the German-Soviet war, defining the social underpinnings of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, uncovering the struggle of Nazi and Soviet security services against participants of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. This book is for researchers, teachers, students, and for all those who want to learn more about history. Toronto-Lviv, 2018. Hardcover: 648 pp. Illustrations. This book was dedicated to the memory of Myron Luszczak – “Karyj” (Chicago, IL, USA).