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Volume 29. Stanyslaviv okruha OUN: documents and materials of the Underground Security Service (SB). 1945–1951. Book 2

Editor in Chief M. Romaniuk
Compiler & Editor D. Prodanyk
Editorial board H. Papakin (co-chairman), M. Romaniuk (co-chairman), H. Boriak, I. Patryliak, M. Posivnych, YU. Shapoval, V. Viatrovych
Sponsors The Funder of this volume is BCU Foundation (Toronto, ON, Canada) thanks to Dmytro & Maria Huley Educational Fund. The fund supports educational projects, research, and publications focused on the history of Ukraine in the 20th century and Ukraine's struggle to achieve independence
Publication Year 2021
ISBN (Ukraine) 978-966-2105-81-0
Pages Count 656
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

This volume features reports, protocols, and investigative cases, which contain informative data on the activities of the Security Service of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) in the fight against Soviet intelligence agents in the Stanyslaviv okruha (region) of the OUN.