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Book 36. Lev Futala – «Lahidnyі». Diary: July 7, 1946 – October 28, 1947

Editor in Chief M. Romaniuk
Deputy Editor in Chief A. Sova
Compilers I. Homziak, T. Kuz’, V. Boyko
Sponsors The Funder of this book in memory of all soldiers of the UPA company of commander Mykhailo Duda – «Hromenko» (unit 95 – U-2 of the UPA-West) is the Society of Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the USA
Publication Year 2020
ISBN 978-966-2105-78-0
Hard Copy Price $10 USD

The book is comprised of the diary entries of Company Executive Officer Lev Futala – «Lahidnyi», and cover the period from July 7, 1946, to October 28, 1947. These entries reflect the insurgent’s Underground activities and everyday life and serve as a documentary source on the history of the UPA company of commander «Hromenko» (unit 95 – U-2 of the UPA-West). The diary notes are related to the period of activity of unit 95 in the 3rd raion (district) of the nadraіon (upper district) «Kholodnyj Yar» («Cold Ravine») in Zakerzonnia (the Trans-Curzon Territories), as well as the time of the Great Raid to the West of the companies of the UPA Peremyshl Battalion, into the American occupation zone of Germany. The publication is supplemented by a document on «Lahidnyі’s» heroic deed during an attack by Polish troops on an insurgent bunker as well as by his memoir «From the Carpathians to Peremyshchyna (Peremyshl region)», which serves as an account of company commander «Hromenko’s» activities in 1945-1946.