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Book 37. Jaroslaw Kiciuk – «Shcherbatyj». «We simply went…»

Editor in Chief M. Romaniuk
Deputy Editor in Chief A. Sova
Compilers I. Homziak, M. Romaniuk
Sponsors The Funder of this book is the Society of Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the USA (Honorary Chairman - Bohdan KOVALYK, Chairman - Zenia BROZHYNA)
Publication Year 2020
ISBN 978-966-2105-79-7
Hard Copy Price $10 USD

The book encompasses autobiographical memoirs of Jaroslaw Kiciuk – «Shcherbatyj», a well­known émigré activist of the combatant forces, and covers the time of his stay in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, where he performed the function of political educator of the company Kholodnoіartsi­2 of the battalion Kholodnoіartsi and later the post of deputy commander (bunchuzhny) of the company Pereіaslavy­1 of the battalion Pereіaslavy of the Tactical Sector #13 Roztochchіa of Military District #2 Buh of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army­West, with which he, in a raid with a group of soldiers, reached the American zone of occupation of Germany. This publication includes the previously published memoir «Breakout from the encirclement in the village of Pyvoda,» a fragment of the diary, and insurgent documents covering the activities of the above­named companies of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army of which «Shcherbatyj» («Senescent») is the author or co­author.