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Book 38. Mychajlo Kowalczyn – «Buryi». Until the Last Breath in the Struggle for the Freedom of Ukraine

Editor in Chief M. Romaniuk
Deputy Editor in Chief A. Sova
Compilers Z. Brozhyna, I. Homziak
Sponsors The Funder of this book is the Society of Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the USA (Honorary Chairman - Bohdan KOVALYK, Chairman - Zenia BROZHYNA)
Publication Year 2020
ISBN 978-966-2105-80-3
Hard Copy Price $10 USD

This book contains 9 separate memoirs of Mychajlo Kowalczyn («Buryi») – a former officer of the Security Service of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalist (SB OUN), in which he colorfully tells his life story, activities of a territorial underground network of the OUN nadraіon (upper district) «Kholodnyj Yar» («Cold Ravine») in Zakerzonnia (the ‘Trans­Curzon’ Territories) and the UPA units of the Peremyshl Battalion of Tactical Sector #26 «Lemko» of Military District #6 «Sіan» of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army­West, about their march forward to the American Zone of Occupation in Germany together with the UPA company of Commander «Hromenko» and eventual residence in the Displaced Persons (DP) camp in Mittenwald (Germany) and later in the USA. The memoirs also include two documents from the «Colonel Konyk» Non­Commissioned Officer School, in which the author is mentioned, and numerous photographs.