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Volume 7. Volodymyr Kovalchuk. The Activities of the OUN(B) and the UPA Rear Line in Volyn and Southern Polissia (1941-1944)

Editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Sponsors Volodymyr Makar and Paranya Teresa (Bavtro) Makar
Publication Year 2006
ISBN (Canada) 0-920092-88-8
ISBN (Ukraine) 966-96340-7-5
Pages Count 512
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

This book sheds light on the informational potential of sources connected to the history of the OUN network and UPA Rear Line activities in the North-Western Ukrainian Lands (PZUZ). The author focuses on the creation of a primary database, the specifics behind the creation and compilation of a physical archive, the classification of documents, and the assessment of the activities of the OUN(B) information network and UPA Rear Line. Toronto-Lviv, 2006. Hardcover: 512 pp. This book was funded by VOLODYMYR MAKAR and his wife PARANIA-TERESA MAKAR nee BAVTRO from Toronto Canada in memory of VASYL MAKAR – “Bezridnyi”.