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UPA warfare in Ukraine

Author Yuriy Tys-Krokhmaliuk
Sponsors Society of Veterans of Ukrainian Insurgent Army of the United States and Canada and St. George the Victorious Association of Veterans of Ukrainian Insurgent Army in Europe
Publication Year 1972
ISBN (Canada) Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-80823
Pages Count 449

The three letters — UPA — embody the whole epoch, spirit, and content of the armed political struggle of the Ukrainian nation during World War II and for a decade after its formal termination. This book about the UPA or the Ukrainian Insurgent Army is unmatched in depicting the struggle of a nation for its freedom and statehood.
UPA Warfare in Ukraine, by Yuriy Tys-Krokhmaliuk, illuminates a struggle that, in one form or another, continues unabated. Indeed, the Russian imperialists in the last few years have intensified their assault against the Ukrainian national idea, in defense and realization of which the UPA fought so determinedly and gallantly.
Fully thirty years have elapsed since the Ukrainian Liberation Army sprang into being. At that time, Ukraine was both the total war battleground and a prize for two totalitarian behemoths: German National Socialism and Russian Socialism.