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Volume 16. Underground Journals from Ukraine beyond the Curzon Line, 1945-1947

Editor in Chief IE. Shtendera
Co-editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Editor(s) P.J. Potichnyj
Sponsors Oleksa Holovacz
Publication Year 1987
ISBN (Canada) 0-920092-16-0
Pages Count 608
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

This compilation includes reprints of the following underground periodicals: Tyzhnevi Visti (The Weekly News), Lisovyk (The Forest Dweller), Informatyvni Visti (Information News), Informator (The Informer), and Peremoha (Victory). Every issue of these periodicals is supplemented by an English-language summary. The book also contains an article on the history of the underground’s publishing activity in Zakerzonnia, Ukrainian ethnic territory that was ceded to Poland as a result of the Yalta agreements. Also included are the official indictments against Olena Lebedovych. Toronto, 1987. Hardcover: 608 pp. Illustrations. This volume was funded by Oleksa Holovach from Canada.