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Volume 44. The Struggle against Agentura: Protocols of Interrogation of the OUN SB in the Ternopil Region 1946-1948. Book Two

Editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Editor(s) P.J. Potichnyj
Sponsors Andrii Melnik
Publication Year 2006
ISBN (Canada) 0-920092-91-8
ISBN (Ukraine) 966-96340-8-3
Pages Count 1286
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

This volume contains interrogation reports of individuals suspected of collaborating with the Soviet state security organs, which are based on the activity of the OUN’s Security Service (SB) in Ternopil oblast. The materials are taken from an underground archive that was discovered in 2004 in the village of Ozerna, Zboriv raion, Ternopil oblast, and buried in the yard of a house belonging to (now deceased) Sofron Kutny. At the very least, they are helpful for studying the organization, scope, and activities of the underground structure of one oblast in the years 1946-1948, when the pressure exerted by the Soviet state security organs on the Ukrainian underground was very intense. In addition, this reports clearly reflects the cruel, inhumane, and brutal manner in which the Soviet punitive agencies spun their imperialistic web of evil through terror and violence on the territory of Western Ukraine. This volume, the sequel to Volume 43, contains the OUN Security Service’s 108 subsequent interrogation reports covering the following raions: Zoloty Potik, Zolotnyky, Kozova, Kozliv, Koropets, Kremenets, Lanivtsi, Mykulyntsi, Nove Selo, Pidvolochysk, Pidhaitsi, Pochaiv, Probizhna, Skala Podilska, Skalat, Terebovlia, Tovste, Chortkiv, Shumsk, as well as the Rohatyn raion of Stanislaviv oblast. Also included are TOS Protocols, Protocols of Death, the Letter of Underground Operatives to the Far East, a Report of One Event, a list of MVD and MGB functionaries, and a list of SB interrogators. An introduction to both books is included in vol. 43. Toronto-Lviv, 2006. Hardcover: 1,286 pp.
This volume was funded by ANDRII MELNYK from Toronto, Canada.