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Volume 10. The Life and Struggle of General «Taras Chuprynka» (1907-1950). Documents and Materials

Editor(s) S. Bohunov, V. Danylenko, A. Kentij, S. Kokin, V. Lozyts'ky, M. Posivnyсh
Editorial board Ya. Dashkevych, V. Lozytsky, S. Bohunov, R. Pyrih, P.J. Potichnyj, P. Sokhan', L. Futala, Iu. Shapoval, H. Boryak
Sponsors Credit Union 'Buduchnist'
Publication Year 2007
ISBN (Canada) 978-966-2105-03-2
ISBN (Ukraine) 978-1-897431-02-3
Pages Count 832
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

This volume features documents and materials compiled between 1907 and 2005, which reflect the milestones in the life and activities of Gen. Roman Shukhevych («Taras Chuprynka»), the leader of the Ukrainian revolutionary liberation movement in 1943-1950, and serve as a lasting tribute to his memory. In addition to documents stored at the Specialized State Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine, this volume also includes documents from the State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lviv and, partially, the Central State Archive of the Highest Organs of Government and Administration of Ukraine (TsDAVO Ukrainy), as well as materials that have already appeared in the Litopys UPA series (Toronto) and other publications. Kyiv-Toronto, 2007. Hardcover: 832 pp. Illustrations. This volume was funded by the BUDUCHNIST CREDIT UNION, Toronto, Canada.