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Volume 36. The Book of the Fallen Members of the OUN and UPA of the Lviv Region

Editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Editor(s) M. Horbal
Editorial board M. Romaniuk, M. Pavlyshyn, Ie. Topinka, Ia. Tuchaps'kyi, I. Fedushchak, B. Tryhuk
Sponsors Oleksander Klos
Publication Year 2002
ISBN (Canada) 0-920092-62-4
ISBN (Ukraine) 966-95674-9-1
Pages Count 1058
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

This volume contains short biographies, obtained from Soviet archives, of OUN and UPA members who perished in the line of duty in the Lviv region. Toronto-Lviv, 2002. Hardcover: 1,058 pp. Illustrations. This volume was funded by Dr. OLEKSANDER KLOS from the USA.