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Book 28. Peter J. Potichnyj. The UPA Propaganda Raid into Western Europe

Editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Co-editor in Chief I. Homziak
Editors L. Lun'o-Duda, IE. Duda
Publication Year 2014
ISBN (Canada) 978-1-897431-57-3
ISBN (Ukraine) 978-966-2105-55-1
Pages Count 160
Hard Copy Price $10 USD

The publication is devoted to the UPA propaganda raid into Western Europe in 1947–1948. It reveals the information, unknown until now, about the UPA soldiers and members of the underground that took part in this march. The book identifies the soldiers, their places of origin, social status, general and military education, their underground functions, terrain of action, their unit and rank. It also provides the number of killed and captured in Czechoslovakia and those who were interned in the American occupation zone of Germany. Toronto-Lviv, 2014. Soft cover: 160 pp. Illustrations.