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Volume 10. Oleksandr Ishchuk, Ihor Marchuk, Daria Darewych, Ph. D. Nil Khasevych – His Life and Art

Editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Editors N. Petruk, L. Lun'o
Sponsors Roman Dubyniak Ukrainian Museum Foundation
Publication Year 2011
ISBN (Canada) 978-1-897431-34-4
ISBN (Ukraine) 978-966-2105-34-6
Pages Count 432
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

Nil Khasevych – the name is marked in golden letters in the history of the Ukrainian liberation movement. Prominent graphic artist, member of the UHVR from 1949, illustrator of numerous publications of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, he worked in the underground under the pseudonyms of «Bei», «Zot» and «Rybak». But until now his contribution to the Ukrainian nation has not been fully studied. This book is based on previously inaccessible, concealed materials from the Archive of the State Security Service of Ukraine. It discloses his life and his long activity in the underground. It also talks about his students and those who helped him. The publication presents his artistic works both in peaceful periods and periods of «war» time, to the greatest extent possible. Toronto-Lviv, 2011. Hardcover: 432 pp. Illustrations. This book was funded by THE ROMAN DUBYNIAK MUSEUM FOUNDATION, Leeds, England in honor of KATRUSIA CHORNII-PSHENYTSKA.