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Book 20. Nataliia Nikolaieva. The OUN Underground Printing Presses and Their Liquidation by the USSR Repressive Organs in the years 1944-­1954

Editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Consultant O. Ishchuk
Sponsors Levko Family In Memory of Petro Levko
Publication Year 2012
ISBN (Canada) 978-1-897431-46-7
ISBN (Ukraine) 978-966-2105-44-5
Pages Count 132
Hard Copy Price $10 USD

The existence of the most representative underground printing presses of the OUN, their activities during 1944­1954 and the process of their liquidation by the Soviet NKVD­ NKGB, MVD­KGB are analyzed here based on the secret documents of the CC CP(b)U, the Soviet repressive organs, the materials of the OUN underground, and recent scholarly works’. The roles of staff and the technical aspects are also explored. Toronto-Lviv, 2012. Soft cover: 132 pp. Illustrations. This book was funded by Lewko Family in memory of Petro Lewko (Somerset, NJ, USA).