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Volume 12. The UPA’s 3rd Podillia Military Region «Lysonia»

Editor in Chief IE. Shtendera
Co-editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Editor(s) IE. Shtendera
Sponsors Stepan Havryluk
Publication Year 1989
ISBN (Canada) 0-920092-12-8
Pages Count 352
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

This volume includes brief descriptions of the «Lysonia» UPA detachment’s skirmishes from November 1943 to August 1945, which were issued by the Military Group Command, as well as a collection of underground songs entitled Povstanskyi Stiah (The Insurgent Flag) published in 1947 on the UPA’s fifth anniversary, and other documents and materials pertaining to this UPA unit. Toronto, 1989. Hardcover: 352 pp. Illustrations. This volume was funded by Stepan Havryliuk from the USA.