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Volume 12. Oleksandr Pahiria. Between War and Peace: Relations between OUN and UPA and the Armed Forces of Hungary (1939-1945)

Editor in Chief P.J. Potichnyj
Co-editor in Chief I. Homziak
Editors L. Lun'o, Ie. Lun'o
Sponsors Mykhajlo Ciapa (Michigan, USA)
Publication Year 2014
ISBN (Canada) 978-1-897431-55-9
ISBN (Ukraine) 978-966-2105-51-3
Pages Count 584
Hard Copy Price $35 USD

The book deals with the military-political relations between the Ukrainian resistance, the UPA and the Hungarian army during WWII. On the basis of numerous and varied sources, the evolution of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations are traced since the Hungarian occupation of Carpathian Ukraine in March 1939 until Hungary’s exit from the war in April 1945, and the main stages of both the military confrontation and the peaceful negotiations between the UPA and the Hungarian army in Volyn , Southern Polissia and Halychyna in 1943-44. Secret agreements and the influence they had on further contacts and activities of both sides are analyzed. An attempt is also made to determine the international political factors that may have played a role in Ukrainian-Hungarian negotiations. Toronto-Lviv, 2014. Hardcover: 584 pp. Illustrations. This book was funded by Mykhajlo Ciapa (Ann Arbor, MI, USA).