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Book 40. Ihor Marchuk. The Battle of Hurby

Editor in Chief M. Romaniuk
Deputy Editor in Chief A. Sova
Sponsors The Funder of this volume is BCU Foundation (Toronto, ON, Canada) thanks to Semen & Olha Bida Fund. The Fund supports projects promoting Ukrainian history with the focus on Ukraine’s Struggle for Independence
Publication Year 2021
ISBN 978­966­2105­83­4
Pages Count 144
Hard Copy Price $10 USD

The book focuses on events of the biggest battle in the history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, based on a broad spectrum of sources. In Volyn’ (Volhynia) in April 1944, units of UPA ­North and UPA ­South under the overall command of Vasyl Kuk (“Lemish”) engaged in heavy combat for several days with the Internal Security Forces of the NKVD. The fiercest fighting took place in the vicinity of the former Polish colony Hurby. As a result, these events came to be known as “the battle of Hurby.” Precisely during those April days, the insurgents demonstrated their courage and devotion towards the idea of attaining an independent Ukrainian state. Hundreds of these insurgents laid down their lives and repose in unmarked graves. Immediately following the battle, the leadership of the Ukrainian liberation movement embarked on an attempt to analyze the course of events which had just taken place. However, the compiled documents, eyewitness accounts and various tactical diagrams fell into enemy hands. In addition, an unknown author wrote a literary piece titled “The Forest Song”, dedicated to the battle. This literary work was initially circulated only in the underground. Today we have the opportunity to unveil a plethora of information and to assess the scope of those events.
This publication serves as a memorial wreath to the fallen heroes.
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the Heroes!