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 The website of the chronicles of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army
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Litopys UPA - Library
Volume 1. My past life
Volume 2. UPA raids through Czechoslovakia
Volume 3. The wounds would not heal.
Volume 4. Memoirs of the UPA Soldiers and the Members of the Armed Underground in L'viv and Liubachiv Regions
Volume 5. Search guide register of persons connected to the liberation struggle in Lviv Oblast (less Drohobych region) 1944-1947 (based on archival documents)
Volume 6. SEARCH GUIDE. Register of persons connected to the liberation struggle in Drohobych Oblast 1939-1950 (Based on archival documents)
Volume 7. Òhe activities of OUN(B) and the UPA rear line in Volyn and Southern Polissia (1941–1944)
Volume 8. "The sun was smiling at us through rusty bars…" Kateryna Zaryts’ka in the Ukrainian national-liberation movement
Volume 9. With Ukraine in my heart. Memoirs
Volume 10. Nil Khasevych – His Life and Art
Volume 11. Youth Organizations Within the OUN (1939-1955)
Volume 12. Between War and Peace: Relations between OUN and UPA and the Armed Forces of Hungary (1939–1945)
Volume 13. Ukrainian Liberation Movement Through the Biographies of Its Leaders. Volyn and Brest Oblasts (1930–1955)
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